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Divorce And Separation Agreements

Durham, North Carolina, Divorce And Separation Lawyer

The agreement you come to with a spouse or significant other at the end of a marriage will involve responsibilities and obligations that will likely be enforced for years or decades to come. When you are involved in divorce or separation proceedings, you need legal advice that can help you build a foundation for your future. A divorce affects the people involved on all levels — emotional, physical and financial. At the Richardson Law Firm, PLLC in Durham, NC our divorce lawyer helps you consider all the issues associated with your divorce, protects your rights in negotiation or litigation and fights for your interests at ever phase.

How We Help You

Our office has two goals in divorce and separation agreement cases. The first is to protect the interests of our clients in all negotiation and litigation proceedings. The second is to accomplish those goals in the most efficient way possible to avoid undue costs and delays. If we can avoid costly and contentious litigation that can drag on for months or years to meet your needs, we make every reasonable effort so that you can get back to the business of your life. With our divorce attorney, Kathy Williams Richardson, we put years of proven and successful experience behind you, and explore all options to resolve issues of:

  • Property division
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support and Alimony
  • Custody and visitation

What Kind Of Cases Do We Handle?

We take on all types of divorce and separation cases, including those involving military divorce which can involve specific laws that uniquely apply to service men and women. As a veteran of the first gulf war, attorney Kathy Williams Richardson understands the challenges and issues that face military families, and can advise clients where there is a person in the armed forces. Our office also guides people through the process of building a legally binding separation agreement, whether as a first step toward divorce or as a temporary, but legally recognized, agreement between a married couple. Get the Counsel You Need At the Richardson Law Firm, PLLC, we put experience and a commitment to effective client service behind every client. Our divorce lawyer puts your needs first. Whether we are in a position where we need to fight in court to protect your marital or parental rights, or we can negotiate the right divorce agreement for you, we have the tools and strategies to meet a wide range of needs. Contact our office today online or reach us by phone at 919-680-2300 to schedule a consultation.

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