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The determination of a spousal support and how much they will be awarded can be highly complex and is determined by evaluating a number of different factors. Not ever divorce agreement includes support or alimony obligations, and the decisions often come down to making compelling and sound arguments in front of a judge.

With 25+ years of legal experience from our founding lawyer, Kathy Williams Richardson, the Richardson Law Firm, PLLC provides resourceful, effective and knowledgeable service for family law and divorce clients at all phases of the process. We work to fully evaluate and investigate your financial situation and make your case based on proven strategies and concrete evidence.

Our accomplished black attorney works with clients in the greater Durham area and throughout Central North Carolina in divorce, family law and support matters. We put experience, a proven record of success and a close attention to your interests to work for every client.

Did You Know?

Courts Consider Many Factors When Determining Alimony & Separation Support

We fully review your unique situation and evaluate the wide range of issues that can be involved in spousal support issues and alimony payments, including:

  • Length of marriage
  • Each spouse’s conduct
  • Employment
  • Whether one spouse was a homemaker versus the breadwinner
  • Earning potential of each spouse
  • Work histories

When negotiation fails to produce results, the attorney you put on your side to make your case in court makes a difference. Have a professional partner working for you that can build and present a strong argument for your case.

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