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The division of property, assets, wealth and possessions is often among the most contentious points of negotiation and litigation among a divorcing couple. It is no simple thing to divide the possessions of a couple whose lives have been so tightly intertwined and determine a fair agreement as to who gets what, and it requires the attention of an experienced lawyer who knows when to negotiate, when to compromise and when to fight.

At the Richardson Law Firm, PLLC in Durham, North Carolina, our accomplished African-American attorney has 25+ years of professional and respected legal experience. We are focused on the efficient and effective resolution of disputes for our clients, and diligently work to advise, inform and advocate for our clients. Whether your assets are relatively modest or you identify yourself as a high-income earner, we put the right tools and resources to work for you.

Addressing All Property Division Issues

Before the court can divide property, it must characterize the properties as marital, divisible, or separate. These distinctions are important because your separate property remains free from division. During a divorce, the court only divides marital and divisible property.
Having a trusted legal resource on your side that can advocate for your wishes while protecting your long-term interests is absolutely critical. We negotiate where we can and litigate where we need to during divorce proceedings to address how property and debt will be divided including:

  • Cars and vehicles
  • Homes and real estate
  • Retirement accounts
  • Pensions
  • Personal property
  • Credit card and other debt

Working with trusted professionals and partners we will help you fully evaluate your assets and debt, so that you can negotiate or litigate from an informed position. Without the right tools on your side, you can end up with an unfair divorce settlement and a future without the resources your need. Our office works with you at every stage to ensure that your interests are protected.

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